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Celebrating 21 years in business...

It's been over 21 years since I found myself staring at my PC screen in my flat the day after I'd been made redundant from my job at the Hi-Tech ad agency Andersen & Lembke.

'What do I do now?' I thought to myself.

I had to make a decision - find another job in an agency or 'go it alone'. To get the ball rolling I decided to register with a few creative recruitment agencies just to see if there were any openings available to me (this after I'd bought myself a new set of golf clubs with part of my redundancy pay-out).

I remember being on the first green at Almondsbury Golf Club trying out my new clubs when my mobile rang - it was the agency with some work - 3 weeks at Dyson in Tetbury filling in for someone on maternity leave. Phew! the pressure was off (for a while at least). I was then asked if I could help out in the design department at Zurich Financial Services in Cheltenham as they were short-staffed. And then some work for Nisbet's here in Bristol helping put together their product catalogue.

It was becoming clear that the option to 'go it alone' was the right one and 21 years later that's still very much the case.


To celebrate 21 years in business I've put together a book showcasing some of my work during those 21 years.

During those 21 years I've produced 100s of pieces of work - over 80 company logos, over 40 websites and many posters, brochures, leaflets etc. for over 100 different clients in many business sectors - finance, charity, engineering, beauty, medical, food and religion to name but a few.

And 18 months ago I was fortunate enough to become a 'Wix partner' teaming up with the software company that provides cloud-based web services.

This has enabled me to connect with new clients ranging from dog groomers, florists and beauticians to energy suppliers, therapists and bakers.

I've even worked with an Olympic gold medallist and some of my design work has featured on BBCs DIYSOS programme!

So here's to the next 21 years of Orriss Design 🎉🎉🎉


If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you develop your company identity please get in touch - call 07979 961361 or email



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