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Your brand is your greatest asset 
(and so much more than just a logo...)

So how can I convince you that branding matters - whether you are a window cleaner, a solicitor or run a restaurant? And that it's so much more than just a good logo design.


Perhaps the first thing to do is to tackle the wording. If you were to replace the word "branding" with "perception" I might get your attention.


You care about how you're perceived, right? Well branding is all about the impression you make.


It should convey what is special about your business and it should show you in a positive light.


You have to decide what you stand for - what your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are, who you are aiming at and how you want to position yourself.

Then you need to make sure that all aspects of your business are in line with this. It's about applying your values to everything you do, clearly and consistently.


Your brand is in your customer promise, your business values, your personality and the way you talk to your customers.


It's in the way you package your service and answer your phone.

Communicating your brand clearly and honestly to your customers will spread confidence and goodwill. It is a badge of trust that will set you apart from competitors and can give you a lasting competitive edge.


Ultimately it's about instilling confidence in your audience. To do this effectively your brand needs to follow the '5C' rule:







A few examples of this in action are shown below.


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