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Why cheap logos will cost you more in the end.

With basically no research, no process, just give the designer your company name and a little info and that’s all they need to provide you with a logo - right?

Logo designed by Orriss Design

Wrong! It will most likely be a logo that ends up in the rubbish bin!

Five reasons why you shouldn't skimp on design

  1. Cheap design is risky for your business (copyright issues)

  2. Cheap logos won’t let you grow (subpar quality)

  3. You will have to repeat the process (and pay again)

  4. You will miss business opportunities (people won’t trust you)

  5. People won’t remember you or they'll get confused (generic logo)

Logos designed by Orriss Design

Why professional logos don’t cost £5

There are some websites where you can find people who are willing to design logos for pennies. Some are even advertised as “professional logo design”.

There is tremendous value in the investment into a professional logo. If designed correctly, the logo will help create awareness for your product or service. In order for a logo to bring this type of value to businesses the design process must be done correctly and without cutting corners. Logos designed for pennies will not allow any designer the time necessary to create a logo that becomes the face of your company. When done correctly a professional logo adds value and is worth every penny paid.

Downside of having an amateur logo

No matter how good your business is, if the logo doesn’t reflect who you are the company is likely to struggle. Your logo is the soul of your business. The wrong brand identity will attract the wrong audience or worse yet, hinder your marketing efforts.

Five downsides of having an amateur logo:

  1. Bad first impression

  2. Inconsistent look & feel

  3. Doesn’t connect with the audience

  4. Doesn’t project the right image

  5. Hinders your marketing efforts

Your valuable time and money will then be spent dealing with the wrong people, which is a costly problem.

How much does a professional logo design cost?

There are many factors that go into determining the logo design cost. For most companies the cost of a professional logo will be determined by the following factors:

  • Designer’s experience and reputation (portfolio)

  • Depth of research and discovery (process)

  • Type of design and the time necessary to complete (hourly/fixed price)

  • How the logos will be utilised

  • Designer’s location (overhead cost)

  • Number of concepts & revisions

  • Deliverables (scope of work)

Mark Orriss

How long does it take to design a good logo?

When it comes to logo design – timing is often a very important factor for the client. Clients are anxious to get the ball rolling but it’s important to get it right the first time - you only get one chance to make the right first impression. There are no shortcuts to the process, and eliminating steps may be detrimental to achieving long-term goals.

Why? – simply because developing an effective and sustainable identity takes time. There are no instant answers, and a commitment to a responsible logo design process is imperative. We'll take the time necessary to complete a thorough research and discovery process. The length of a brand identity project is affected by the following factors:

  • Size of organisation

  • Complexity of business

  • Type of market: global, national, regional, local

  • Nature of problem

  • Research required

  • Decision-making process

  • Number of decision-makers involved

In conclusion, understanding of the investment of necessary time and resources is crucial in the design process.

Logos designed by Orriss Design

Why you need a professional logo

There are plenty of reasons why you need a new logo, a change in name being an obvious one and rebranding another. It may be that a company has outgrown its logo – the design has become misleading about the company’s range of activities or the logo simply looks dated.

All of this takes a lot of design explorations, revisions to get to that great logo. Using a design professional is the least risky option, they have a very clear process that gives them very predictable results.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you develop your company logo please get in touch - call 07979 961361 or email



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