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The secrets you didn't know about graphic design.

“What you see is more impactful than what you hear.”

Those who all are well-versed with this fact opt for professional graphic design for the best visuals to communicate their message.

You might have heard:

A picture paints a thousand words

There are thousands of examples in our daily life that clearly illustrates the importance of graphics.

When you go to the shop you always have a certain product preference. When in doubt… you probably go with the best product packaging.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one who does this. This is actually how most people end up choosing a product…

And why not…This is the POWER of effective graphic design.

And this is just the beginning…

There are some more stats that will help you to understand the importance of graphics.

Let’s take MARKETING, a requisite for every business, as an example.

Whether it is a start-up or an established business, marketing has to be there consistently.


According to the stats:

61% of marketers have agreed that visuals are integral for successful marketing.

Businesses do make use of social media to market their product and outreach to people.

Social media posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than a text post.
Furthermore, Blog articles with more images get 2 times more shares than an article with fewer images.

These stats alone shed a bit of light on how significant the role of graphic design is in marketing.

Common graphic design services

When most people think of typical business graphic design services, they think of:

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

  • Stationery design

  • Label design

  • Letterhead design

  • Website design

  • Billboard design

  • Brand and corporate identity

  • Infographics

  • Poster design

  • Promotional design

Why graphic design is important

In a poll of 1,500 small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs 80 percent of respondents agreed graphic design was either “very important” or “important” to the success of their companies.

The truth is that the numbers support this poll:

Small manufacturers saw a 17.5% increase in average sales on improved goods and services when they invested in design, the report notes. And according to a 2008 report from the British Columbia Premier’s Technology Council, 48% of projects with additional design investment recovered total costs within a year or less after the market launch, and 90% of projects achieved payback within three years.

Why is this?

Effective graphic design more easily present a brand’s message.
Ideas are transformed into a clear and more personalised vision to an audience.

The best part is:

Using effective graphic design, you can strengthen the brand image in the most enticing manner… …and leave a lasting impression.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your logo design is the foundation of your branding efforts. If your logo fails to impress your target audience, everything can go down hill rapidly from there.

There are some teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, and you know exactly who they are and what they mean.

This quote by LeBron James is an inspiration for all the logo designers out there. It emphasises the power and influence of a logo design on the audience. Once you have successfully constructed a robust identity with your logo design, nothing can shake it up, no matter what.

So, when talking about logo design, don’t you think it has to be unique and catchy to sustain in the peoples’ memory?

It totally does!

Logo design by Orriss Design

Now let's look at how graphic design can take your business forward.

1. Increases engagement rate

About 90% of the information we process is visual in nature.

When it comes to business growth, that number really makes an impression.

As a business owner a great deal of your time is spent trying to figure out how to convince people to buy your products or services. The psychology of the consumer dictates that people buy what they are familiar with, so if they aren’t already your customer your next course of action is to reach them through design.

The link between audience engagement and good design has never been stronger, and it’s becoming ever more crucial to commercial success in the digital age.

"The absolute single word that would connect up design and business performance is engagement,” says news industry analyst Ken Doctor.

2. Helps in establishing a brand identity

When you are new to the market, no one knows you.

To be known you have to go into overdrive to come up with an irresistible identity. With a strong brand identity, it is easy to pull a massive crowd.

Not only does it provide a strong reason to trust your brand but also allows you to have a strong presence.

But one thing is for sure:

The whole process requires strategic and effective graphic design.

You know why?

If you want to reach potential customers — you have to know who you are as a brand and fill a need for your target audience.

You should never underestimate the significant impact that the psychology of design can have on your ability to effectively market your products and services. In fact,

“The companies that achieved the best financial returns in the McKinsey survey were those with a bold, user-centric vision that had embedded strategic design in the planning at the top and used robust design metrics to monitor customer satisfaction.”

'Adapt' branding by Orriss Design

3. Strengthen your brand message

Even such simple aspects such as colour used in design you might not really be aware of…

…But you should be.

COLOURS play a pretty important role in perception and motivation.

Yes, there is a huge importance in colour selection.

You know what:

Sometime the prettiest colours are not the right colours to convey your brand message.

Colours are chosen according to the brand message you want to deliver.

You may not be a perfect resource to decide the colours but graphic designers are.

As they are the professionals, firstly they would be interested in knowing the brand message to be conveyed.

And then to bring out the intended emotions, they will pick the most appropriate option.

Let me tell you one thing:

Colour theory isn’t just a theory – when applied to marketing it’s about understanding the role that colour plays in psychology. A little more to the point; how colour affects your customers’ decision making. The colours you pick to represent your brand may indeed be pleasing, but are they motivating the response you want?

Achieving the desired response is exactly why the demand for graphic design has become the first choice to reinforce the brand message.

4. Aids in increasing the perceived value

You might not be aware but… how your business and brand is perceived in the market impacts your potential for business growth.

For instance:

When you go for online shopping, the users’ experience on the website matters.

Doesn’t it?

And the website loaded with quality images, fast loading time, easy navigation, etc…

…Becomes the most preferable and perceived as the best to shop.

On the contrary, if the website is lacking the same quality aspects it’s perceived negatively and you leave.

Don’t You?

A strong perceived value will help you build a loyal customer base, and stats prove that customer loyalty may be worth 10 times more than a single purchase. Cutting to the chase, your business requires profit, and you are more likely to get a bigger share of the market, no matter if it’s local or global, if your company has a perceived value.

Most importantly:

Customers need a good reason to choose your business over a rival. Really what we’re talking about is strategy based design. A big part of this is identifying a USP (unique selling proposition) that will capture your customers’ attention and accommodate their needs.

Have you ever wondered?

How do I make my business stand out?

You have to come up with something different that separates you from the crowd.

In this concern, you can make use of powerful designs that can become your signature mark.

By infusing strategic designs in different walks of your business, it is easy to create a lasting impression.

Whether it's the images in blogs, images on the website, banner images or any other, your designs become the medium for communicating value.

Ultimately, increasing your brand value and refining your business reputation.


It really takes a lot of time, thought and effort to build a business… at least a successful one.

Yes, consumer awareness of good design is at an all-time high, but as a business owner or entrepreneur it should be important to you because it is the thing that forms your customer’s judgment of you.

This article really only touches on the surface of critical points that support the science behind graphic design as a catalyst for customer engagement. Science tells us that people make buying decisions based on emotions. Understanding the science (or secrets) behind professional graphic design gives your business the advantage.

This will help you to make your journey to success a little easier.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you develop your business please get in touch - call 07979 961361 or email



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